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White Widow Pickleball



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  • Core: Dense Honeycomb Polymore
  • Surface Face: 360° CarbonGrit RPM Surface
  • Grip: PU SoftFoam Rubber


  • USAPA Approval: Yes
  • Average Weight: 7.9oz
  • Paddle Length: 16.5in
  • Paddle Width: 7.5in
  • Grip Type: PU SoftFoam
  • Grip Length: 4.8in
  • Grip Circumference*: 4.25in
  • Core thickness: 13mm

*May vary slight

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  • Free return or exchange within 90 days*

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360° CarbonGrit RPM Surface: Featuring 360-degree, high-density, gritty carbon fiber to harness maximum RPM resulting in exceptional bite and spin

PowerBarTec: Featuring aerodynamic spacing to slice through the air with minimal drag, which consistently produces sharper shots and the ultimate blend of power and feel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christopher Eddy
Razor Code Pro 13mm

I have only been playing pickleball for a couple months as of January of 2024. I had played with a few 16 mm paddles but I wanted to try a 13 mm to see if I could handle the extra power. I searched many paddles and decided to try this one. Appearance and design is a 10. I really liked the performance but it has just a little too much power and pop for me but the top spin with this paddle is great. I played competitive tennis at the 3.5 and 4.0 level so I’m searching for the right paddle. I can generate enough power so I need more control so I just ordered the White Widow Proto X 16mm and I’m anxiously awaiting it to arrive. I really think it will be a paddle I’ll play with for a while.

Matthew Farkouh
Top 3 Paddle For Me

I bought this paddle 4 months ago and have been using it daily since. For reference I have just about every top of the line paddle from the big brands (Selkirk 003-006, Joola Scorpius, Electrum Model E Elite, 6.0 DBD, CRBN 1x/2x, etc.) and play at a 4.5+ level. This paddle competes with the best of them. The best thing its hand speed. Its the fastest paddle at the line for me and its not even close. Unlike the other reviews here, I've found that it does lack in power in comparison to the aforementioned paddles so in singles I've found myself switching off of it. I even have a lot of power at a baseline and still feel that I'm at a disadvantage, even if it is a marginal one. That said, its quickly become one of two paddles I use when playing doubles (the other being the Electrum Model E). Overall its a great paddle. Even at the price point I recommend it.

Michael Martinez

First off, the paddle looks amazing. Love the color! It shipped to me in a near box and the paddle was securely packaged in a mailer inside the box with bubble wrap around it. When I first held the paddle, I immediately noticed how premium the grip felt. It was soft, tacky and felt super stable. I have the paddle a few swings back and forth with my wrist and immediately noticed how agile this paddle is when swinging through the air. I took it to the courts to play 5 doubles games and came out with 5 wins! The paddle truly made a difference in my drives, drops and dinks. I was so comfortable playing with it and that gave me more confidence in being aggressive while really controlling the placement of my shots. Overall, this paddle is SUPERIOR to all the paddles I’ve used before it. The only reason I’m giving this paddle a 4 star review is because mine came with a little bit of the paint on the side cracking/chipping off. It’s a small blemish but still made me a little unhappy as a purchased this paddle at a premium price and expected the paddle to at least arrive in pristine condition.

Razor Code Pro is amazing

This padel is unreal, it arrived a few weeks ago and i’ve been using everyday since. Not only is the design super sick, but the paddle plays great. Has a unique feel, firm on drives and soft on resets and good dinking paddle. Can’t wait to see what else White Widow brings out in the future!

Justin R
Pure Power, Pure Stability

My new favorite paddle! Used to use the selkirk power air paddle but this Razor code is miles ahead. Has a much larger sweet spot and feels way more stable. Feels a bit heftier than the selkirk which i like because it gives even more power. Also a big fan of the power bar hole area, looks awesome. Awesome brand with awesome products


We specifically designed the "RED CODE PRO" to be the perfect all around paddle. Solid spin potential, soft touch, and great plow through on hard drives.